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Will I be able to help you?  This is what a few people are saying:

Her knowledge has blown me away!”   -Sarah Segal, Animal Rights Activist & Owner of Atlanta Dog Spa

“Jamie, Holistic Pet Mentor, is worth her weight in gold!  Not only does she care about what is BEST for our PETS, but she has the knowledge to help me give that to my pets.  And she is very generous with her time and is happy to share her knowledge.  I have done hours of research and read many books on oils & pets, but thank you, Jamie, for giving me real world advice on how to actually apply this info to our daily life.  I knew I could trust her immediately when I asked her a question about Yuzu oil and she was honest with me and said she didn’t know, but she would love to learn about it. This is what she was meant to do!  I’m so thankful we found her 🙂  As a professional pet sitter, she is helping me improve the quality of life of every animal that I come in contact with.  This includes 250 client homes with multiple pets and my local rescues and shelters that I volunteer or foster for.  Thank you, Jamie!”  

-Cindra Smith, Owner of Point West Pet Sitting