In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of the microbiome, or a “good bacteria” environment. Today, I want to discuss the importance of our pets’ skin microbiome and how that relates to skin irritations. This is by far the number one pet problem I hear about at Holistic Pet Mentor. Unfortunately, it’s also a leading reason why pets are euthanized. Yet it is preventable and treatable; supporting good bacteria on your pet’s skin is all about balance!

A 2014 study, showed a direct correlation between dogs that have allergies and a less diverse skin microbiome. This surprised me! Dogs that have more skin issues and long-term health issues have less bacteria on their skin.That sounds crazy, but it’s true! They are missing those good bacteria that help the body perform at its best.

We often associate skin issues with hot spots or itchy skin,  but symptoms can include bald patches, oozing, moist areas and/ or a odor. These conditions affect our interactions with our pet and can leave us less willing to cuddle our furry friend. Medicated baths and medications may bring temporary relief but rarely promote long term healing. They can lead to chronic or more severe issues as our pet ages.  I recommend pet parents find ways to support a healthy skin microbiome instead. At home, we can use essential oils to help decrease the inflammatory response and supplement the diet with more gut-friendly foods such as fermented veggies. Some breeds are more prone to skin issues, so even if you don’t see scratching now, you may want to incorporate changes right away to help your pet remain happy and healthy!

To learn more, check out my Facebook Live video, and ‘meet’ my 19-year-old Buddha kitty! He made his presence known in this video!

Buddha Kitty inspired Jamie to start Holistic Pet Mentor in 2016.
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