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ESSENTIAL OILS:  What are they?

Pure essential oils are naturally occurring volatile, aromatic compounds that sit on the surface of plants. They protect plants from environmental threats and provide many other beneficial properties, such as attracting pollinators.  They are steam distilled or cold-pressed from the plant material, including the leaves, stems, roots, flowers, seeds, and the bark of trees.


*The usage methods I describe pertain only to 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils*


When using any essential oil on your pets, let it be their choice.  Hold the open bottle of essential oil you wish to use on your pet about 1-2 feet near his or her face.  If your pet gets up and/or leaves, you may want to choose a different oil.

There are 3 primary ways we can utilize 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils:  Aromatically, Topically, and Internally

  1.   Aromatic Use:  For pets, aromatic benefits can come from diffusing (an essential oil diffuser disperses the oils into very small particles.  I recommend only using a water diffuser that will also dispense moisture into the air along with the essential oil), applying a drop or 2 on the bedding, misting your pet with a spray remedy, or even just allowing the animal to sniff the oil right from the bottle.
  2. Topical Use:  For pets to receive the benefits of essential oils through topical application, it’s as easy as placing 1 drop of       essential oil in your hands, rubbing your hands together, and rubbing your pet’s fur!  This method of application is super easy with great benefits.  For smaller pets, it’s important to dilute the drop of essential oil in at least 1 tsp of carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil) before topical application.  It’s more beneficial to pets to apply an essential oil diluted and more frequently than to apply an oil neat (without dilution) once or twice.  Pets usually accept topical application well when applied to the back of the neck or rubbed on the belly.  Another option is to rub the diluted drop into the paw pads.  An easy way for cats to obtain benefits from topical application is by adding 1-2 drops of the essential oil to the litter box.
  3. Internal Use:  The most practical way to administer an essential oil to your dog orally in in the drinking water.  1 drop in a bowl of water can prove to be effective no matter the size of the dog as long as it’s a large water bowl.  If utilizing citrus essential oils in your dogs drinking water, be sure to use a ceramic or stainless steal bowl as citrus oils are known for interacting with the chemistry of plastic. Direct oral or internal usage of essential oils in cats is not recommended.  It is safer to utilize essential oils for cats through aromatic or topical application.

Pet Safety

Pet Safety considerations

Best Essential Oils For Pets

Essential Oils For Pets

Essential Oils For Pets



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