Affiliate Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that bloggers clearly state whether compensation may be received for promoting or reviewing products.

While many of the links on Holistic Pet Mentor will take you to other resources for educational purposes, some of the links are affiliate referral links.  This means Holistic Pet Mentor may earn a small commission for your purchase, through that link, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.

Why Have Affiliate Links?

Setting up and maintaining this website,, has been an expensive endeavor.  Holistic Pet Mentor has even went the extra mile by adding a security certificate to this website to protect the users of this site.  We’ve decided on the affiliate compensation method so that we may continue to provide quality content and keep the website going.  The affiliates chosen are based on our purchases and experiences with each affiliate, and believe they align with our values and integrity.

We are not into flashy ads or pop-ups that disrupt our visitors while reading the content they came for.  Our intent is to provide you with great content and connect you with the resources you need to get started on your holistic health journey and pet care.

Occasionally you will see a link to a product found on Amazon so we can help you find the item easily.  We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.  We do our best to provide links to high-quality, useful products.  We recommend that if you use our amazon link and click an item to purchase, but aren’t ready to purchase right away, to save it to your wish list to purchase at a later date.


Although we may be compensated for recommending a service or product, we always give our honest review, opinion, findings, beliefs and experiences on the product or service.  The opinions and recommendations on this blog are not to replace proper diagnosis and medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

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